Our Story

Humanatomy started as an idea way back in 2000. It began as a laminated teaching tool for Paula Jaspar's postgraduate massage therapy courses. She had positive comments every time the puzzle was used. In 2011, Paula and her husband Jason committed to creating a product that could be used for simplifying how to learn human anatomy. As an instructor of massage therapy and gross anatomy, Paula realized that students would benefit from an inexpensive hands on learning tool.

The first step is the Humanatomy iPad App that is both a fun to play game and a powerful learning resource. With multiple levels, intelligent & customizable gameplay and beautiful imagery, Humanatomy will be your go-to resource to master human anatomy!

Our Team

Paula Jaspar

Paula graduated massage therapy college in 1997. She is a mother of four children, wife of eighteen years, instructor of massage and anatomy, writer, massage therapist and graduate student at Simon Fraser University. She has taught massage therapy since 1999. She has taught at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Douglas College, BC Women's Hospital and currently is the Program Director for the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage. She teaches post graduate courses in massage therapy primarily focused on women during the childbearing year.

Paula also has a busy private practice based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Majid Doroudi
Academic Consult

Majid is a senior instructor in the department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at University of British Columbia. He has obtained his B.SC. in Physiotherapy (1988) M.Sc. (1990) and Ph.D. (1995) in anatomical sciences. He teaches anatomy, histology, neuroanatomy, and embryology tothe first and second year medical and dentalstudents as well as anatomy to the physiotherapy and undergraduate students at UBC. He is the course director of the musculoskeletal anatomy in the faculty of medicine. He is the co-author of M&M Essential Anatomy and the recipient of Killam Teaching Award and six teaching awards from Medical Undergraduate Society (MUS) in Faculty of Medicine at UBC.

Clint Morris
Anatomy Artist

Clint is Figure Drawing instructor, and freelance illustrator currently living in Vancouver B.C. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Clint studied theatre and dance after high school, before transitioning to the visual arts. In 2001, Clint was a graduate of the 2D and 3D animation program at the Applied Multimedia Training Center, and worked as a character animator before moving west to Vancouver. Currently he works at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, where he enjoys teaching animators how to observe and draw the amazing machine that is the human body.

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Richard Hart
iOS Developer

Richard is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and advanced technology instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. BCIT is among Canada's top technology schools and is a part of the Apple iPhone Developer University program. Richard has been teaching at BCIT for over a decade now. For over 4 years he has been specifically teaching iPhone/iPad development. His valued insight was essential in the early development of the Humanatomy iPad app.

Steamclock Software
iOS Team

Steamclock Software is based in Vancouver, BC and located in historic Gastown - home of great startups and great coffee. We've partnered with Steamclock Software to get the Humanatomy iPad app to the next phase of development. They have been focusing on making the user interface easy to use and inviting.

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Justin Cathcart

Justin is a business consultant with over 15 years of experience in marketing, creative & IT. He filmed, produced and edited all of our videos for the Humanatomy YouTube Channel. He also designed and developed this website. He has been a guiding light as we work through the early stages of our business.

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